Music Classes
for Children
Living in Poverty. 

Our music program focuses on providing classes children living in slum communities and villages across India which taught by professional music teachers.

Typically this is only available to middle class and upper middle class families and it is out of reach for millions of children who will never be exposed to the arts. 

As evidenced by illiteracy rates among adults in developing countries, illiteracy cannot be eradicated unless children are first provided with easy access to schooling. According to UNESCO, 15 percent of children in developing nations are not enrolled in schools, while 45 percent of children in the least-developed countries are not enrolled in school.

In conjunction with a solid core curriculum in schools, music education has been shown to ensure higher enrollment rates, lower drop-out rates and increased academic performance. Among the benefits of increased and steady enrollment rates is an increased literacy – a necessary step in the fight against poverty.


Your donations provide education, family planning and sustainable solutions to those who need it the most.