School Sponsorships

The primary goal of our charity is to offer quality education to children living in slum communities and villages. When a child participating in any of our programs proves to be a diligent and dedicated student, we are happy to fully sponsor their education into private schools.

The cost of yearly sponsorships range from $300 – $1,000USD depending on the school, age and class. Once the commitment is made, we meet regularly with principals and teachers to keep up to date with each student’s progress. Additionally, after-school tuitions are provided for every single child sponsored to ensure their success.

A school placement through our charity is a life changing opportunity for a child living in poverty who would not normally have access to a great education. Our aim is to help the child through their school life with the ultimate goal of seeing them graduate from college or university. This will ensure that each child will have much higher success rate of ending a life of poverty for them and their families.

Your donations provide education, family planning and sustainable solutions to those who need it the most.