Family Planning & Birth Control

Our Family Planning and Birth Control program provides a range of solutions through reputable and professionally managed reproductive health clinics where every woman in our program is treated with respect, dignity and given complete choice over her body.

We also hold educational workshops throughout the year in slum communities, villages and various centers where women can learn about issues such as:

– Menstrual cycle (Why and how it happens, gap of each cycle, explained thoroughly with photos and medical diagrams)

– UTI / Urinary Tract Infections (Why they occur, symptoms, prevention, use of antibiotics, dangers of spreading to kidneys and other complications if untreated)

– Personal hygiene (using disposable sanitary pads instead of cloths, why cloth is bad, how to maintain cleanliness during periods, proper disposal method, and demonstrations on how to use and dispose of them)

– Methods of contraception (pills, IUDs, injections, and the pros and cons of each of these)

Your donations provide education, family planning and sustainable solutions to those who need it the most.