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The following is our volunteering and internship policy, please take a moment to review it before contacting us. Most frequently asked questions are answered below.

While we appreciate the interest from volunteers abroad, we require the assistance of local residents who know the language and the cities we work in well and who are looking to build a personal and direct rapport with the families we assist for years to come.

Additionally, we only employ local and certified professionals for our classes and workshops and work with reputable local clinics and hospitals when medical assistance is required.

1. What kind of volunteers and interns are we looking for?

Our focus is to engage local residents who are willing to make a consistent and long term commitment to help us carry out our programs on the ground.

KOLKATA – Our volunteers and interns must speak Bengali and Hindi and must reside in Kolkata.

PUNE – Our volunteers and interns must speak Marathi and Hindi and must reside in Pune.

2. How long can I volunteer or intern for?

Our minimum volunteering and internship periods are four consecutive months. During this time volunteers will be assigned to 1-4 days a week for 2-3 hour sessions each day depending on mutual availability and requirements within our programs. 

3. Will I receive a certificate for my time?

We issue certificates to volunteers and interns who successfully complete the minimum required period and whose performance and attendance has been satisfactory.

4. Where are we located in Kolkata and Pune?

KOLKATA – We hold a monthly volunteer orientation meeting for local volunteers and interns at our center on the first Sunday of every month from 1PM – 3PM. We are located at 22 Saktigarh Road in Jadavpur, Kolkata. Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/xWFfxbDrhku – To contact our director in Kolkata please email: [email protected].org

PUNE – We hold a monthly volunteer orientation meeting for local volunteers at different locations each month. To contact our director in Pune please email: [email protected]ty.org

5. If I don’t meet the requirements above, how else may I help?

A financial contribution is the most effective way for our international supporters to assist us in our work, to make a donation please visit: www.responsiblecharity.org/donate

6. Can I ship clothes and other items from abroad?

Clothes, medicines and other items are generally too costly to ship internationally which makes the effort counter-productive as we are continually receiving those donations from local residents in Kolkata and Pune. Instead, please consider supporting us financially!

To make a donation of any amount, please visit: www.responsiblecharity.org/donate

Thank you for your interest and support!

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