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Our Work & Programs

We are a humanist charity providing education to children in the slums of India and empowering women and men to overcome poverty. Our work goes beyond education as we deal directly with the families of the children we help and learn more and more about the harsh realities they face while living in poverty each day.

Please see the list below for details of each of our programs and links to the photos documenting the activity on the ground:

Education: We offer children a full and complete preparatory curriculum in our center; once graduated, we guarantee private school enrollment for children living in the slums. We pay for tuition cost, books, uniforms, shoes, bags, supplies, etc.

English Classes: In addition to our regular education program, we also offer dedicated evening English classes to young adults and their parents as well as special tutoring sessions for any of our children already enrolled in our schools.

Family AssistanceHomes rebuilt in slums and villages; stoves, fans, trunks, home repairs and more.

Nutritional Support: Mothers who are not producing breast milk are observed by our volunteer nurses or doctors, examined and then trained to handle the baby formula which we provide them on a monthly basis if it is needed. Government hospitals usually rush the mothers out the moment the babies are born as these facilities are understaffed, overcrowded and short on beds. People line up outside waiting to be admitted, sometimes lying on the street for days. There is no postpartum consultation about nutrition, no examination of the mother’s well-being, or follow up visit scheduled; many new mothers consider themselves lucky to have given birth in a hospital in the first place. For more information on this program please see: Baby Formula & Nutritional Policy

Birth Control & Planned ParenthoodOne of our commitments is to educate young mothers about methods of birth control available to them and their families. Both the husbands and wives receive the information and decide what is appropriate for them. Parivar Seva Sanstha is the medical NGO with which we’re currently working. They are professionally managed, highly reputed and a results oriented Indian national NGO which has been in existence for over 30 years. The organization provides a range of quality, affordable reproductive health services and products in 21 states.

Medical Response: We are constantly bringing volunteer nurses and doctors to the slums for regular and basic check ups and diagnosis of common ailment such as fevers, stomach infections and minor issues; we also often find ourselves referring patients to hospitals for consultation and further testing and or treatment which we cover financially when our available funds permit us to do so.

Special Medical Cases: We have several special medical cases which we evaluate on an ongoing basis and assist according to the funds available at the particular time, as well as emergency cases which are brought to our attention. In the past we were able to successfully assist in the financial coverage of complicated as well as regular and less invasive procedures for children, women and men in dire need of these services.

Clothes Donation Program: teaming up with students from different schools, colleges and universities in Kolkata and collecting any unwanted clothes and other items from them, their friends and families and bringing them directly to the children, women and men living in the slums. It’s one of the many ways we’re trying to involve Indians directly in our efforts to bridge the gap of caste and social difference, leading ultimately to the ongoing commitment of Indians helping Indians out of poverty.

Micro-Loans: We often authorize and issue micro-loans for women and their husbands who are looking to establish small businesses to sustain themselves and their families with dignity. These involve the initial investment necessary for small shops or vegetable/fruit stands which are common income earners all over India. Additionally we have developed a co-pay program for items which aren’t affordable for many families. For more information on this program, please visit: Co-Pay Program

Sustainable Lighting: We’re constantly looking for new and innovative ways to bring sustainable lighting to families living in poverty in places where electricity is either cost prohibitive, inconstant, or in some cases not available at all.

You may see photographic documentation of all of these programs and more by browsing the following albums: