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Our Team

These are the folks who make it all happen, their energy, time and efforts are the heart of Responsible Charity. Whether on the ground in Kolkata, Pune or across around the world in the US and other nations, their collective contributions and efforts have made our small NGO a noticeable advocate for education, birth control and personal development for many families living in poverty in India.

Hemley Gonzalez, Founder
I am a man of the world and an instrument of change. My grandmother risked her life when she left Cuba and migrated to the United States during the 1980 Mariel Boat-lift that took place between the Havana harbor and the Florida straits. By doing so she gave me and my family opportunities we never had. My parents too risked their future and careers when…read more

Sourjya Singh, Director
Although I always wanted to help the poor around me, I never really knew the best way to go about it.I met Hemley Gonzalez over three years ago, when he first visited Kolkata while traveling through India, and he invited me to help him start a charity to help other Indians less fortunate than me. I have been working for Responsible Charity now for the past 3 years. The work is not always easy, but seeing the grateful smiles on the faces of now 20+ families we help brightens up my day, every time. Read more.

Adina Bercowicz, Chief Financial Officer
Adina is an FAU Alumnus who graduated honors with majors in International Business & Trade, Marketing and Minor in Operations Management. Read more.

Tracy Lockwood, Communications Director
Tracy’s passion for helping others to achieve self-determination and education arose from a childhood spent in a restrictive religious compound. After finding freedom as a young adult, she moved to the Philadelphia, PA area where she currently resides. With friends and connections around the world, Tracy loves nothing more than to bring the people she knows together for a good cause. She is committed to the growth and success of Responsible Charity as an agent of positive change in lives devastated by poverty. Read more

Anni Holopainen, Kolkata & Kathmandu Director

Originally from Finland I’ve become a citizen of the world, a global nomad if you will as there are many places I now call home.In between my travels I am a social worker back in Finland and work with with mentally and physically disabled and handicapped children as well as with teenagers with psychological problems. Read more

Kevin Fitzmaurice, Chief Legal Council

First licensed in 1988 in Florida and the District of Columbia, I’ve represented and assisted clients as varied as the SEC and the Miami Dolphins, from a Big Three auto parts supplier to the ACLU, advising both the Florida Department of Insurance and my own mother (the best and in some ways the worst of clients), Barney Frank among others. I am honored to now give counsel to such a noble enterprise as Responsible Charity Corp. Read more

Matt Kovach, Products Director
Originally I had my own business as a hairdresser only to find myself relying on the goodness of others, today I consider myself a habitual volunteer and activist. My motto is simple: “Two hands working can do more than a thousand hands clasped in prayer.” Read more

George Beschen, Fundraising Advisor
George likes to think his passion for civil rights comes from being a life-long citizen of the cradle of liberty: Philadelphia, Pa. The focus of his professional career–spent in the realms of communications and fundraising at renowned medical institutions–distills to relationship-building.Read more

Sabrina Cohen, Fundraising Advisor
After a 1992 car accident left me a quadriplegic confined to a wheelchair at the age of fourteen, I began as a patient/advocate as quickly as realizing the possibilities that stem cell research had for the future… Read more

Wouter Jonker, IT Director
Wouter is a freelance web developer from South Africa and is passionate about sustainable development, conservation and science. He is also a supporter of The Planetary Society, American Crocodile Education Sanctuary and the AHA Foundation…Read more